Thursday, 3 November 2016

Home With Enjoy

Creates comfort in the home is important to us as the person who occupies the dwelling feel at home, a lot of ways we can do to deliver a comfortable feel in the house and one of them is designing a house with a narrow piece of land into a green area to make it look beautiful, with presenting the green area will obviously bring a different atmosphere, but can create cool the house, rumahpun will look more beautiful.

Limitations of land in a minimalist house makes it difficult to design the house to make it look more beautiful, therefore I will give you some tips that can be made a basis for making the house beautiful with a small area, the first one is you can use a hanging plant as an alternative is not the availability of land, also set air vents are great inside the house as the air circulation so your house is fresher, and we can also use a vertical garden wall or so-called vertical garden that serves sbagai lowering the temperature of the heat that would add to the cool of your dwelling, and of course more beautiful again.

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