Saturday, 9 December 2017

Healthy Lifestyle Provided Delicious Retirement

Retirement is a time when we are no longer productive in earning income as it is now. The moment where we spend more money we prepare when we are still earning income. Normal retirement age in our country is 55 years old.

At that age often happens we have heart disease or other degenerative diseases are believed to be the main killer disease in the world. Many appeals to improve lifestyle to reduce the risk of heart disease and other degenerative diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis. To prevent it you can use a health necklace or Kalung Kesehatan.

One example is to reduce the consumption of sugar drinks and the emergence of beverage packaging with the addition of the label 'no sugar'.

Actually since ancient times too, it is advisable to drink water. Many even believe that water can help improve the health of the body. When visiting a doctor because of complaints of flu or sore throat, do not forget the doctor said 'drink lots of water'.

Then why do not we just fix our lifestyle, from the daily consumption of soft drinks packing (ready to drink) to consume water. And it turns out with a more healthy lifestyle, can also provide financial benefits for the provision of our retirement.


Here's the illustration. Every day that we usually buy soft drink packaging, we change to buy bottled water. The price difference is about Rp 1,000 - Rp 1,500 per bottle. To facilitate the illustration, we take the difference of Rp 1,500 per bottle. Every day we consume 3 bottles. Set aside the daily limit of Rp 4,500.

Within a month, the money we set aside from a healthier lifestyle change is around Rp 135,000. Invest for the purposes of the Pension Fund. And so on every month.

If we are now 30 years old, then there is still a span of 25 years before retirement age. Assuming a yield of 20% per year and doing the above for 25 years until retirement age, then when we retire there will be stock worth Rp 1.1 billion. Not bad right?

By reducing the consumption of sugar drinks and replacing them with water, the risk of developing degenerative diseases will be lower. That way, the risk will require a large health costs due to degenerative diseases will be low.

Can stock more than Rp 1 billion and avoid the threat of high health costs when age is not productive, who is not interested?

The above illustration only discusses the conversion of consumption from soft drink to packaging to water consumption. What about the consumption of junk food is also not healthy? What about the consumption of cigarettes that are clearly not healthy? How much rupiah can we set aside and invest for retirement from reducing or even avoiding the consumption of both? How much more retirement will we get from the allowance? We do not want to burden others when we retire right?

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